Why GMO ?

FOR Wholesalers & Retailers

Save time

Order new & repeat products quickly and easily from a range of suppliers in one transaction.

      Easy Ordering

      Easily access your favorite wholesalers and purchase directly with all key information.

      Repeat Ordering

      Quickly view all your recently purchased products from all suppliers and re-order.


          Improved traceability on all orders with clear updates on its status.

              Smart Technology

              Smart Technology to give you inspiration for your next winning product.


              Communicate with your suppliers quickly and easily reference any products or orders.


                  Industry leading security ensures your payment is secure.


                  Keep track of all pre-order items and delivery schedules clearly.


                  Get notified on all new products and be the first to place your orders on winning new styles.


                  Shop with confidence knowing all vendors are put through a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure you always get the products you order.


                  No fees so saving you transactions fees you pay on your cards and transfers.

                  FOR VENDORS 

                  Increase Revenue

                  Proven increase in conversion and sales revenue using our platform.

                  Lower Operational Costs

                  Reduce time and money spent on manual processes with automated workflows.

                  New Opportunities

                  Increase your business reach and attract new customers.

                  Reduced Cost for Digital Entry

                  No need for expensive websites and headache of promoting your website - we do all the hard work for you.

                  Enhanced Reporting & Business Insights

                  Access key business information such as top customers, best sellers to make the right decisions.

                  FOR OUR VISITORS 

                  Optimized Platform

                  Our platform has been developed and designed to make the buying process easy and optimized for sales for your business.

                  Increase Customer Satisfaction

                  Buyers using the platform report a higher level of satisfaction and increase their repeat orders by using our platform.


                  Increase your average order value with our smart technology to make it easier for buyers to discover new products from your store.


                  Communicate with your customers quickly and easily.

                  Easy Setup

                  We can get you live quick and with no setup cost!

                  Get 50% Discount.

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