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The upshot: a worldwide shortage. Semaglutide is made in a single factory in Denmark and manufacturer Novo Nordisk say stock issues will last well into 2024.
The biggest issue is that, aside from the magical weight-loss effects, type 2 diabetics also need Semaglutide to stop their blood sugars rising into the danger zone.
In a bid to conserve what little there is for these patients, UK health chiefs at the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have asked doctors to stop offering it for weight loss at all.
 cynic might look at all this and say, well, it's all the kind of advertising money can't buy. But my biggest concern is that, amid all this hysteria, something inevitable has happened. Fake Semaglutide is being sold, sometimes for more than £150 a dose, including in the UK.
on Sunday, MHRA recorded the first seizure of counterfeit Semaglutide – brand name Ozempic – in May. And I worry this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Since then, fakes have been discovered by regulators in dozens of countries including Australia, Ireland, Nigeria and Turkey.
Last month, the Swiss medicines regulator warned against buying drugs from unreliable sources after several people had to be admitted to hospital after using bogus Semaglutide.
In one case, the injector pen had contained insulin, packaged as Ozempic. If too much insulin is injected, blood sugar can drop to fatally low levels in seconds.
And as fast as regulators across the world shut down websites selling the drug, more spring up. Just a few weeks back, the MoS uncovered a number of websites flogging Ozempic as a slimming aid, flouting the MHRA guidance.

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